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9Round Robina

Shop 21b, 514 Christine ave, Easy T Centre , Robina QLD 4226
0424 564 770

Club photos

Club photos

What our members are saying

What our members are saying



I love what 9Rounds has to offer! It is perfect for me, I can drop my kids off to school and come straight in and be motivated by the awesome trainers at 9Round Robina. They have made me feel so comfortable from my very first session. No class times means I never miss a class. Love it. I didn't think I would like this type of training in my routine but 9Round has made me stronger, leaner, and feel more confident. I am getting all my friends involved and may even get my hubby down to try it. 



I absolutely love training here. I am not a conventional gym person, so 9Round was the perfect alternative. The studio space is perfect to make it feel personable yet there is always a high energy in the room. The trainers are great and always accommodate exercises that I am able to do due to previous injuries. Awesome communal vibe with people who want to get in, get it done and go home. 



I have trained at 2 9Rounds now, one in Canada and now in Robina. I must say I was so excited when I saw Robina was opening and knew I was going to be a member. This workout is the quickest for me to sweat and not needing more than a half hour for a workout. If you need variety 9Round changes everyday and keeps you challenged. Trainers are great and keep you motivated at whatever fitness level you are at.  9Round is great helps for a stress release. I always look forward to my next workout!  



I had been looking for the right place to work out for a while and thankfully 9Round came to town! A 30 minute workout without class times is perfect for me. 

Over the past 5 years I have put on a lot of weight and had stopped exercising, so starting a training regime like 9Round  was a big step in the right direction. 
In April 2017 I broke my ankle so I really needed to get moving and get my health back. If you had of told me 6 months ago that I would be doing a high intensity boxing and kickboxing workout I wouldn't have believed it!

I immediately felt welcomed and encouraged by all of the staff and each round is explained, so you feel like you have a personal trainer. I'm able to workout at my own pace and level of fitness, which is increasing every week. The workout gets you thinking while you are moving so the half hour is over before you know it. Once the workout is done I feel like I have really worked hard and achieved so much.

I've been training at 9 round Robina since it opened and haven't looked back. I feeling better and fitter than I have in a long time. 

Thank you Ryan and the crew at 9Round. Joining 9Round was the best gift to myself!

Michaela D

I joined 9Round Robina 3 months ago, after moving to the Goldcoast from Brisbane in February and being stuck in a rut of “too scared to go to a new gym.” From the very first day I entered the doors, Alesha and the team at Robina made me feel so welcome and were so encouraging. My first workout I had no idea what to expect, but I walked away feeling super motivated and excited to start a new fitness journey. The workouts are extremely challenging, but you can always work at your own pace and modify any exercises that don’t suit you. The trainers are always there to give you the extra push that you need, but also focusing on your technique as well and they all do it with a smile on their face. Being a shift worker, the fact that there are no set class times at 9Round was a massive selling point for me, and I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at at the moment. Combining 3-5 workouts a week and healthy eating I have lost almost 5kg and I am super excited to continue on my fitness journey with 9Round Robina

Di K

I joined 9Rounds on 7 June 2018 and also started a weight loss program, with a goal to lose 8 kilos by 15 September 2018, 3 months in total. When I first started, I told Thanasi and Alesha that I did not want to ring the bell until I reached my goal.

The support I received from all the trainers is one of the reasons I kept going. I love the sessions because of the variety. I always smile when I leave because I am on such a high and that is mainly due to the enthusiasm of the trainers. You are always made to feel welcome and all the trainers know your name. I don’t know how they remember everyone’s name, very clever.

Over the next few months, I did 4 sessions per week and in conjunction with my weight loss program, I am pleased to say, I rang the bell on the 15 September 2018.

I want to say a very big thank you to Thanasi, Alesha and John, who I have worked with the most. You genuinely care about everyone who attends and encourage us to achieve our best. I also want to thank Dylan and Areti and Shae. Whilst I have not worked with you as much, you are also very encouraging.

Thank you and I look forward to my future sessions with you all.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Alesha Taylor

Club Manager

Athanasi Comno

Club Owner/Trainer

Areti Comino

Club Owner/Trainer

Dylan Andrews

Senior Trainer

John Robinson

Head Trainer

Anna Christodoulou

Boxing Trainer

David Green

Boxing Trainer

Sarah Fraser Holmes

Boxing Trainer

What you get with your 9Round membership

What you get with your 9Round membership

No Class Times

Show up on your schedule. A new circuit starts every three minutes. Time wasted: ZERO!

Max results in just 30 minutes

Combines cardio and resistance training for a complete, full body workout in 30 minutes.

Heart-rate technology

Produces measurable results by helping you stay in your fat burning zone.

Workouts change daily

Every day is a new workout, so your body is always challenged, and you never get bored.

Trainer Included

Trainers are always there to guide, motivate, and push you to get the most from every workout.

Get Fit, Never hit

Punch and kick bags, not people. Quickly and easily get in shape with the basic moves of kickboxing.

Know your zone

Our 9Round gyms utilise the latest in wearable technology with our MyZone belts. You can see real-time results while you workout!

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