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Welcome to 9Round Pakenham

We are here to help you on your Health & Fitness Journey, regardless of your age or current fitness level.

It is our goal to help you achieve yours !! 


We are still the leaders in safe gym practices with our stations well spread out to maintain social distancing requirements. We have always and will continue to take pride in the cleanliness of your club, providing a clean environment to train in.

Now more than ever, it has never been a better time to build your immune system with regular exercise.

You need to be at your best to help others :) 


At typical gyms, your workout relies on a class time or your trainer’s schedule. We think it's about time that changed. We provide members with fun, trainer-guided, kickboxing-boxing style workouts in a circuit format. That means our workouts begin whenever you show up. Because it’s all about YOU. Getting stronger. On YOUR time.


We have met all the Health & Safety Guidelines to ensure we are operating in a safe and effective manner whilst providing you with a great full body workout experience that you are used to.


Stay positive, stay well, stay focused, See you at the club real soon !!



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Personal Trainer led sessions with last workout 30mins before close

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9Round Pakenham

9Round Pakenham

3/89 Main St, Pakenham VIC 3810
0488 976 863

What the community says about us

What the community says about us



As a single mum with 3 kids, I found it hard not only to find the time to work out, but to shift the baby weight.

Since starting at 9Round Pakenham, I’ve lost 10kg and gone down a dress size. I love the atmosphere from our ever so friendly and helpful trainers, who are with you all the way thru your workout. To the supportive members who make it a great, safe place to workout.

The exercises change daily, so you don’t get bored of the same old exercises like a normal gym. And the best part is, it’s only 30 minutes.



I started my health & fitness journey with 9Round journey, by taking part in the 6 Week Transformation Challenge. At the time I knew I needed to do something to drop the unwanted kilos, and get back some level of fitness. Little did I realise that the transformation that I undertook was not only body but more importantly a mental transformation as well. Whilst losing weight and the decrease in body measurements was fantastic, it was the transformation in diet and mindset that was the biggest thing that I took out of the challenge. From the time I jumped on the scales for the initial weigh in (which even I was shocked to see triple figures) I had nothing but support and encouragement from all the team, both past and present, at 9Round. 


I have never been a "gym junkie" although I have been a member at other gyms (in fact there is one of those 24/7 places less than 1km, door to door) but after the initial month of fooling myself I have never stuck at it. This mindset has totally changed with my membership at 9Round. I look forward to every session that I do. The way the trainers encourage and cajole the best out of you. The friendships with other 9Rounders to push that little bit harder (Rusty and Predator.) Even with the change in job I still get up most mornings and make the drive from Rowville to Pakenham to work out, then again after work from Clayton to Pakenham for an evening session.


I may have dropped off the number of sessions that I am doing and I may have gone back into a few bad habits, I am convinced that I am now on a pathway to get down to a healthy weight and I look forward to continuing that journey with the 9 Round Pakenham crew.


If my little story helps one other person get off the couch and come in for workout or encourages one other person to do that extra workout for the week then I think that is a massive tick for all the team at 9Round Pakenham, because you guys are the ones that have enabled me to do it myself.




Cam "Haggis"



  • I joined 9Round Pakenham at the start of the year with my daughter. As I am of Mature age ( couple of years to the big 60 ) I wanted be fitter and healthier and not lose muscle tone as I was get older. When you walk through the door you are greeted by name and made to feel comfortable and welcome. The trainers are always there to help and show you the techniques of every exercise so as you get the most out of it without injury. I feel that I am becoming fitter as I am able to do a lot more than I used to and its great that you are only competing against yourself.


  • Ok... my story is a long one so I will do my best to shorten it. In October 2017 I ran a half marathon and then had a very thirsty cricket season and Christmas of over indulgence.
    When I returned to work in mid Jan 2018 a co-worker commented how I had "stacked some weight on". So I jumped on the scales and he was right. I had jumped to 85 kgs. 
    Then I joined 9Round coz I've always liked punching and kicking stuff for cardio and strength. I signed up for 12 months coz I knew it would make me more committed to get all I could from it. I spent the first month or so not really pushing too hard but I realised even though the scales weren't really moving I was getting fitter and stronger. Then I started to push myself and I really started to see results. I had to buy new clothes coz old ones were too big. When we did Spartan in December I really surprised myself with how well I did. Now I'm about 75 kgs, fit, strong and feel great and I thank all the staff and wonderful people I have met at 9Round for inspiring me to be the best I can. Sorry, I said I was going to keep it short. Lol.


I have tried many gyms before in the local area and they all ended the same way.  I gave it a go for a few weeks and then stop going.  The equipment became too daunting, it was hard to find the motivation, no-one knew me.  The list goes on. 

Then an ad popped up on my Facebook feed about 9Round opening in Pakenham.  For some reason I was excited.  Could it have been the 30 minute workouts, the no starting times, the trainers on hand to help and motivate?  I wasn’t sure but I knew I wanted to try it, so first chance I had I made an appointment to sign up.

That was over eighteen months ago and I have not looked back.  I love it.  I have now done over 200 workouts, often going four or five times a week.  I am stronger, healthier and slimmer than I have been in many years.  I am also stronger mentally as being able to smack into some bags does wonders for the mindset. 

My family situation means I do not get to spend a lot of time on me and this is the perfect solution for that.  I don’t have to book in sessions and I don’t have to stay for long.  I get a good 30 minute workout and have noticed the positive difference, as do others around me.  The gym helps me to be a better dad, as I mentioned before, as I am stronger, healthier and I have a much better mindset.  I owe this to my kids to stay healthy.  As my boy often says, “Have fun at the gym Dad.  Come back jacked.”

The next step is the diet and what I eat.  The gym can’t help out here but they certainly support me by offering assistance and motivation to meet my goals. 

I love 9Round and joining up is the best decision I have made in a long time.  I walk in and the trainers know my name and what I am about, and they always have a knack of getting the heart rate up even if I am not always feeling it.

I am starting to run and entering other physical events, such as Spartan Races and Stadium Stomp, and enjoy doing things outside the gym to maintain my health but I will always keep coming back to 9Round as that is where the best workout is.



I’m only new to 9Round but I like it and starting to really enjoy exercise. It’s lovely how there is always a warm welcome and great encouragement from everyone.



9Round has helped me achieve many things in 1 year I am fitter stronger and my mental health has improved so much. I used to despise exercise but now dedicated and can’t wait for my next 9Round session. I’ve met some amazing people and they are always encouraging and supportive during not only my journey but the journey of everyone in the club. It’s also a bonus that our kids can come to the club so they can see the benefits of exercise!



I was sick of pounding the pavement with boring long runs and sustaining injuries. I thought it would be fun to get rid of some energy by punching and kicking (and not getting hit in return lol) I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made concerning my fitness. I have always enjoyed keeping reasonably fit, but I have never felt as strong, toned and generally fitter than have since joining 9round.

It only takes 30 minutes so even on a really busy day I can manage to squeeze in time to train, and the great thing, it’s a full body workout that can be tailored to any fitness level.

The staff at 9round are amazing, unlike other fitness clubs I have been involved with, they take the time to get to know all their customers, it is such a welcoming and friendly environment. They are encouraging and supportive and with you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

I highly recommend 9Round, my only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier :)

Georgie B



Normal gyms aren't really for me, I feel so self-conscious. I'm so glad I have found the gym for me! ~ Ann



Great atmosphere, top staff and trainers. Time flies and you earn the workout while having fun  !! ~ Josh

Meet your Support Team

Meet your Support Team

Dan Rodger

Performance Coach

Elias Kafrouni

Club Manager

Olivia Chol

Membership Services

Liz Rodger

Social Media & Admin Manager

Ruth Fidow

Personal Trainer

Charlee Newell

Personal Trainer

Richard Stanley

Personal Trainer

What you get with your 9Round membership

What you get with your 9Round membership

No Class Times

Show up on your schedule. A new circuit starts every three minutes. Time wasted: ZERO!

Max results in just 30 minutes

Combines cardio and resistance training for a complete, full body workout in 30 minutes.

Heart-rate technology

Produces measurable results by helping you stay in your fat burning zone.

Workouts change daily

Every day is a new workout, so your body is always challenged, and you never get bored.

Trainer Included

Trainers are always there to guide, motivate, and push you to get the most from every workout.

Get Fit, Never hit

Punch and kick bags, not people. Quickly and easily get in shape with the basic moves of kickboxing.

Know your zone

Our 9Round gyms utilise the latest in wearable technology with our MyZone belts. You can see real-time results while you workout!

Learn More